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Lap-Band Aftercare Denver

Thousands of Colorado residents have enjoyed weight-loss success after the LAP-BAND® procedure. But the road to significant, stable body fat reduction requires your active participation. The first fill usually occurs around the 4-6 week mark after surgery. This date may vary widely if you are already achieving successful weight loss.

Following the LAP-BAND® surgery, your surgeon will inform you of your responsibilities and help you create a plan to achieve and maintain long-term results. Below, we’ve listed some generalized behavior modification suggestions to give you an idea of the changes that are optimal after the insertion of the LAP-BAND® system. Keep in mind that every body is unique, so patient’s recommended lifestyle changes will be highly personalized.

Recommended Lifestyle Tips Following LAP-BAND®:

  • Exercise: Your new LAP-BAND® will not limit you physically. Most patients are encouraged to participate in a variety of exercise types, including cardiovascular fitness, stretching, strength training, and core/balance exercises.
  • Nutrition: Remember that your new band will help create a feeling of fullness sooner, so you’ll eat less at each sitting. You also should make sure everything you eat has nutritional value, avoiding “empty” calories as much as possible. Your personal nutritionist will give you detailed nutritional guidelines to help you ensure you are practicing good portion control and getting the nutrients you need.
  • Supplements: While it is possible to get the required daily nutrition from your daily meals, we recommend that you take multi-vitamins to keep up with important levels of things like Iron, B-vitamins, and minerals like Zinc.
  • Medication: Most patients are able to continue with any prescribed medication they are currently on, such as birth control pills, blood pressure medication, insulin, and others. Generally, it is suggested that LAP-BAND® patients crush all pills to ensure safe swallowing.
  • Portions and Speed: A lot of patients worry about what to do during dinners out or large family feasts. If you go out to eat, order a small portion or split a meal. Chew thoroughly and practice eating at a slow pace. Another trick is to have your waitress box up half your meal and bring you only half at the table.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol in small quantities should not hinder weight loss. However, keep in mind that it has a lot of calories and tends to reduce the effectiveness of vitamins and supplements.

LAP-BAND® Fill Service

Western Surgical Bariatric Center offers the support you need to maximize the success you want following gastric band surgery especially when:

  • You had surgery in a foreign country
  • You relocate
  • Your physician no longer practices

You want an aftercare provider that is professional, knowledgeable and competent — someone who will take the time to answer all of your questions to get you the right fill. The initial visit fee is a one-time fee of $225.00. Your initial visit includes a comprehensive consult to find out where you are with your band. Each visit following the initial visit will be $150.00.

Fills are customized by the patient’s needs, and there is no limit as to how much saline is instilled at any one visit. Fills are done according to feedback you give the provider. On occasion a patient can get overfilled. Un-fills will be done at no charge for 24 hrs following your fill. After the 24 hr period a charge will occur.

To get started, please contact Western Surgical Bariatric Center to schedule your appointment today. A copy of your operative report must be obtained from the surgeon who performed your initial surgery. This will assist the provider in determining what kind of band you have and how it was placed. In addition we offer support groups and nutrition counseling.