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Gastric Balloon

Gastric Balloon Surgery Denver

The new Orbera Gastric Balloon is an effective weight loss procedure to help patients reclaim control of their weight and lose those unwanted pounds. Recent studies demonstrate that the weight loss achieved with the non-permanent Orbera™ Intragastric Balloon averaged more than 3 times that of traditional exercise and nutrition treatment. The procedure is non-surgical and involves only light sedation. The Gastric Balloon has been shown to help patients lose up to 40 lbs over a 12 month period. Your Gastric Balloon journey will educate, encourage and inspire you to make those needed lifestyle and dietary changes.


The gastric balloon is a soft silicone balloon that is inserted into the stomach while it is deflated. After the device is inserted into the stomach it is then inflated with sterile saline. The effects of the balloon help patients manage their appetite and lose weight in a healthy way. The gastric balloon is designed for patients who want to lose anywhere from 20-40 lbs and was developed as a non-surgical alternative to traditional weight loss surgeries.

Common Weight Loss Goals for Patients Considering the Gastric Balloon

  1. Stop struggling with fad diets to just regain the weight
  2. Start a family – improve your chances of conception by losing weight
  3. Prepare for an upcoming event (wedding or school reunion)
  4. Reclaim your pre-baby body weight
  5. Or, just to lose that unwanted extra weight

No matter the reason, the gastric balloon can help you get started on your weight loss goals.


Our experienced weight loss surgeons at Western Surgical Bariatric Center have undergone extensive training with the gastric balloon. In addition to the training and certification process, we understand the importance of a long-term managed weight loss plan. Our center has developed effective educational and support programs to help our Denver Colorado area patients through every stage of their Orbera Gastric Balloon journey. Listed below is how the managed weight loss program with the gastric balloon works:

Step 1: – The Gastric Balloon is Inserted into the Stomach
The preparation for the procedure and getting ready to start your weight loss journey is an exciting first step to your new body and healthy eating habits. During stage 1, we will review the steps of the gastric balloon procedure. We will also review the strict eating and drinking guidelines you will need to follow while the device is in place. The dietary guidelines will include foods and liquids that are safe to consume while the balloon is in place, foods that will support healthy weight loss and foods that should be avoided. We will also review lifestyle and exercise guidelines to help you understand why past dieting has failed and how to avoid these pitfalls during your weight loss journey. During the gastric balloon procedure, you will be lightly sedated while the device is inserted and inflated. The procedure typically takes 20¬-30 minutes. You will need to arrange for a friend or family member to take you home from the hospital that day.

Step 2: – Weight Loss with the Gastric Balloon and Continued Support
The gastric balloon will remain in the stomach for up to six months. During this time, you will regularly meet with our team to evaluate your progress and to receive the additional support you need to stick with your diet and exercise plan. Our comprehensive gastric balloon program is designed to help you not only lose the weight, but to maintain long-¬term weight loss success once the gastric balloon is removed. The removal of the gastric balloon does require light sedation while it is deflated and removed. Over the next six months, you will meet regularly with your support team to continue to transform your lifestyle and dietary habits, control your hunger and to keep you on track to meet your weight loss goals.

Am I a Candidate for the Gastric Balloon?

The Orbera Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical weight loss procedure designed to help patients who are considered moderately overweight. The gastric balloon is a year¬ long process that will jumpstart patients to achieving their weight loss goals and to making the radical lifestyle change needed to inspire more healthy habits. The ideal FDA candidate for the Gastric Balloon:

  1. Is 20-40 lbs overweight
  2. Has a BMI of 30-40
  3. Wants an alternative to surgical weight loss options

These guidelines listed above should give you a good idea of whether you are a candidate for the gastric balloon. There are a number of considerations concerning your medical history, previous weight loss procedures or other surgical procedures and more that should be discussed with your surgeon.

If you are interested in the gastric balloon, please call us now to set up your personal consultation with one of our bariatric surgeons.