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Lap-band in the united states vs. Foreign Countries

Patients often ask our opinion about getting LAP-BAND® surgery in Mexico or other non-U.S. destinations. In Mexico, the only Bands available are the original models, the 9.75mm, 10mm and VG bands. The newest models are the AP System — AP Standard and AP Large. There are multiple improvements in the AP System over the original models. One of the most significant upgrades involves the locking mechanism of the AP Bands. The AP System is designed to unlock and re-lock, thus making it possible to revise an AP Band without destroying it.

No matter which country or state you choose for your weight loss surgery, we suggest you do the following research:

  • Select a board-certified surgeon. In the U.S., surgeons are certified by the American Board of Surgery, the American College of Surgeons, and the American Society for Bariatric Surgery.
  • Be sure your surgery will be conducted in a facility that undergoes vigorous inspection. In the U.S., JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) provides this service.
  • Keep in mind that there are many costs associated with this procedure: airfare, lodging, follow-up care as well as the cost of the procedure itself. Beware of any hidden costs regarding your follow-up care and having an adjustment. Adjustments can cost anywhere from $50.00 -$500.00
  • Make plans for follow-up care. Some surgeons will not assume care for patients done out of the country. Less commonly, some surgeons will not provide care for patients done by other surgeons. Investigate your options prior to surgery.

Please contact Dr. John Weaver today at Western Surgical Bariatric Center in Denver for a personal LAP-BAND® consultation.