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Understanding Your LAP-BAND® Surgery Costs

Published on July 24, 2011

LAP-BAND® is a weight loss procedure in a class by itself. No other method to significant weight loss offers the unique benefits offered by the Band. This procedure is differentiating itself with the large number of success stories being generated

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Staying Motivated Today and Tomorrow

Published on June 5, 2011

Are you considering LAP-BAND® but are skeptical about the procedure and it’s ability to create long-term results? Just like any other method of health improvement, LAP-BAND® requires longstanding dedication and effort on the part of the individual. But unlike other

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Improving Emotional Health as You Improve Your Physical Health

Published on May 1, 2011

If you are dangerously obese and you’ve had it with yo-yo dieting and failed attempts at regular physical fitness to initiate weight loss, you may be a candidate for the LAP-BAND® procedure. As you seriously consider this avenue to health,

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Adjustable Gastric Band: Benefits of the Laparoscopic Technique

Published on April 25, 2010

Many people have heard about the Adjustable Gastric Band (LAP-BAND® or REALIZE® Band) — the system that causes weight loss by restricting the amount of food that can be consumed — but few actually know how the procedure is performed.

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How to Maintain Weight-Loss After Adjustable Gastric Band

Published on April 11, 2010

As you compare and contrast all of your weight loss options, you’ll want to consider the long-term results that others have experienced, not just the initial size improvements. While many solutions promote dropping pounds, be sure to seek an option

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8 Easy Tips for Weight Loss With the Adjustable Gastric Band

Published on March 14, 2010

The Adjustable Gastric Band (LAP-BAND® or REALIZE® Band) is an FDA-Approved surgical treatment for obesity. Band patients can see real results, but only if behavioral modification, diet, and exercise are practiced diligently after the procedure. The weight loss surgery team

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The Benefits of a Post-Surgical LAP-BAND® Support Group

Published on March 1, 2010

After weight loss surgery, it can be extremely challenging to stay focused on your weight loss goals. When you have the Adjustable Gastric Band (LAP-BAND® or Realize Band™) performed at Lap Band Rockies in Denver, you get the benefit of

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How the Adjustable Gastric Band Helps With Weight Control

Published on February 16, 2010

Men and women who have a significant amount of extra pounds often just need the right catalyst to put them on the path to weight loss. The Adjustable Gastric Band (LAP-BAND® or Realize Band™) has succeeded in helping obese people

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