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Archive for July, 2011

Understanding Your LAP-BAND® Surgery Costs

Published on July 24, 2011

LAP-BAND® is a weight loss procedure in a class by itself. No other method to significant weight loss offers the unique benefits offered by the Band. This procedure is differentiating itself with the large number of success stories being generated

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The Importance of Personalized LAP-BAND® Care

Published on July 17, 2011

With the rise of weight loss success stories from people who have had the LAP-BAND® procedure, this avenue to significant body reshaping has become more accessible and is now available in virtually every large city. However, potential LAP-BAND® candidates are

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How to Curb Emotional Eating

Published on July 10, 2011

The LAP-BAND® procedure begins with a physical alteration of the way your body digests food. But sustainable, continual progress depends on your lifestyle changes. Major weight loss requires you to rethink the way you eat, including what you eat and

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The Ongoing Role of Your LAP-BAND® Team

Published on July 3, 2011

Having LAP-BAND® is not like other surgical procedures where you may have one follow-up visit and be left to heal on your own. LAP-BAND® is a journey, a program for long-term health, and Dr. John Weaver remains an ongoing source

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