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Archive for June, 2010

LAP-BAND® Stories How My Weight Changed

Published on June 28, 2010

You’ve heard that LAP-BAND® procedure can change lives. But you’d really like to know how much weight can be lost, and how long it might take to see results. Although every patient’s weight-loss rate differs, you can get an idea

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What to Do if Your LAP-BAND® Feels Tight

Published on June 14, 2010

After your LAP-BAND® procedure, you may have questions about the new sensations attributable to the existence of the Band. While some discomfort may be normal, especially when the Band is new, you should understand the meaning of a tight Band

Tips for Eating Out With the LAP-BAND®

Published on June 7, 2010

If you are interested in the LAP-BAND® system as a tool for weight loss, it is good to educate yourself on all the ways you can maintain a healthy lifestyle after surgery. Patients wonder if they can still enjoy their

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