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Archive for July, 2009

Tips for Finding a LAP-BAND® Surgeon

Published on July 28, 2009

The decision to have weight-loss surgery is an important one that requires careful consideration and evaluation of your body goals. Finding the right LAP-BAND® surgeon can not only make a difference in your results, it can make the whole process

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How to Prepare for LAP-BAND® Surgery

Published on July 17, 2009

Getting ready for major surgery can be a nerve-wracking process. But with careful preparation and guidance from a highly skilled weight loss surgeon, you can go into your procedure with peace of mind and complete confidence. LAP-BAND® surgery is an

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The Effects on Marriage after Weight-Loss Surgery

Published on July 12, 2009

Significant weight loss can have profound effects on a marriage and interpersonal relationships in general. The normal dynamic between husband and wife can be altered after one partner undergoes a weight loss producer like LAP-BAND®.  At the inception of the

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The Link Between LAP-BAND® and Minimized Joint Pain

Published on July 5, 2009

Obesity is connected to so many health problems, and joint pain is one side effect that can severely affect a person’s quality of life. The body’s joints are responsible for movement, and even a small amount of excess weight can