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Archive for April, 2009

The LAP-BAND® “Sweet Spot” How tight is too tight?

Published on April 26, 2009

The adjustable LAP-BAND® allows doctors to tighten or loosen the amount of stomach restriction based on the patient’s individual needs and weight-loss progress. There has been much discussion about the LAP-BAND “sweet spot,” that point in the continuum of fills

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LAP-BAND® and How it May Help Diabetes

Published on April 19, 2009

You may have heard about how the FDA-approved LAP-BAND® procedure has helped  thousands of  people lose large amounts of weight and improve their health status. If you are considering a weight-loss solution and you currently have Type 2 diabetes, you

Introducing the New REALIZE™ Adjustable Gastric Band-C

Published on April 13, 2009

Approved by the FDA in 2007 and used worldwide since 1996 as the Swedish Gastric Band, the REALIZE™ Adjustable Gastric Band has helped thousands of overweight patients improve their overall health and quality of life. Now, there’s a new version

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Lap-Band® as an Investment

Published on April 5, 2009

Have you ever thought about how much being overweight can cost you, physically, emotionally, and financially, throughout the course of your lifetime? The Physical Costs Obesity is unhealthy. People who are severely overweight are at risk for a large number

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